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  • The Brazilian beauty and personal care market is on track to be the second largest in the world by 2018.

    MWV's Eduardo Scalese on how innovative packaging connects brand owners with consumers in dynamic global markets.


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  • 7/11/14 9:23 am EDT

    This article from a leading business newspaper in Brazil highlights how MWV is supporting the rapid expansion of fast casual restaurant Quizno's in the market with an innovative beverage carrier. The package is made with HyPerform, MWV's new generation of lighter and stronger corrugated packaging material.   

  • 6/20/14 1:08 pm EDT

    Our own Kristy Hooper, category manager of skincare and cosmetics at MWV, sheds some light on how women choose—and build loyalty toward—the products in their daily skincare ritual. It comes down to the emotional connection consumers feel with the product, and as we’re now learning, packaging plays a major role in fostering that emotional bond. 

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