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  • We all love to crunch on our favorite snacks. But how do chips, crackers and cereal make their way through today's complex supply chain fresh enough to deliver that satisfying crunch to consumers? Packaging matters, and there's more science involved than you might expect. 

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  • 10/27/14 3:27 pm EDT

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic Malbec fragrance, Brazil's largest cosmetic company, O Boticario, has launched Malbec Supremo, a luxurious new fragrance that uses MWV's Melodie® Clikit® pump. Over the last decade, O Boticario's Malbec fragrance line has become an iconic symbol of power, masculinity and luxury. Using Melodie® Clikit®, Malbec Supremo delivers a rich, voluminous spray and a clean look that seamlessly matches the dynamic characteristics of the fragrance.

  • 10/27/14 3:06 pm EDT

    In this cover story from GCI Magazine, MWV's Kristy Hooper shares MWV consumer insights around the importance of getting that all-important last drop, especially for beauty products.  

  • 10/3/14 4:01 pm EDT

    This article, featuring an interview with Alex Castanho, business director for MWV Specialty Chemicals in Latin America, highlights the expansion of MWV's Palmeira biorefinery to meet growing demand for pine chemicals in the market.

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