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    11/13/14 10:25 am EST

    in this article from Quartz reporter Svati Kirsten Narula, MWV's John Hargrove shares the reasons behind the craft beer movement's shift from glass to aluminum.  

  • 10/27/14 3:27 pm EDT

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic Malbec fragrance, Brazil's largest cosmetic company, O Boticario, has launched Malbec Supremo, a luxurious new fragrance that uses MWV's Melodie® Clikit® pump. Over the last decade, O Boticario's Malbec fragrance line has become an iconic symbol of power, masculinity and luxury. Using Melodie® Clikit®, Malbec Supremo delivers a rich, voluminous spray and a clean look that seamlessly matches the dynamic characteristics of the fragrance.

  • 10/27/14 3:06 pm EDT

    In this cover story from GCI Magazine, MWV's Kristy Hooper shares MWV consumer insights around the importance of getting that all-important last drop, especially for beauty products.  

  • 10/3/14 4:01 pm EDT

    This article, featuring an interview with Alex Castanho, business director for MWV Specialty Chemicals in Latin America, highlights the expansion of MWV's Palmeira biorefinery to meet growing demand for pine chemicals in the market.

  • 9/3/14 9:25 am EDT

    MWV's Eduardo Scalese on the importance of customization in products and packaging for the Brazilian beauty & personal care market. 

  • 9/3/14 9:19 am EDT

    MWV's Packaging Matters data is referenced in this article about emerging trends in packaging of premium products. 

  • 8/28/14 11:44 am EDT

    The health of the James River and the vibrancy of the Virginia academic community are important not only to MWV’s business, but also to the communities where we live and work. The MeadWestvaco Foundation is proud to support the sustainability of both through a unique partnership with Randolph Macon, VCU, Washington & Lee and the USGS.

  • 8/19/14 2:35 pm EDT

    The biggest trend in snack packaging is a need for solutions that enable consumers to eat on their own terms. MWV's Will Dartnall on packaging needs in the evolving U.S. snacking industry in this edition of Baking & Snack Magazine (see page 89).

  • 7/29/14 12:15 pm EDT

    In this issue of the Product Development Management Association's journal Visions, MWV's Paul France outlines our approach to open innovation using the "want, find, get, manage" methodology. 

  • 7/11/14 9:23 am EDT
    MWV Rigesa ingressa em nova area de negocio

    This article from a leading business newspaper in Brazil highlights how MWV is supporting the rapid expansion of fast casual restaurant Quizno's in the market with an innovative beverage carrier. The package is made with HyPerform, MWV's new generation of lighter and stronger corrugated packaging material.